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With the internet bringing in clients from all over the world, I do my tarot readings through email to avoid the hassle of trying to plan appointments around global time zones.

When you purchase your reading with me, I will contact you within 3 business days via the email address that you provided upon paying, acknowledging the receipt of your payment, to ask you what you would like to focus the reading on, and to find out a bit of background about your situation.

When you respond please include whatever contextual information you feel is necessary to give me the best picture of what is going on with you and the circumstance that you wish to focus the reading on. The more detail you provide, the more specific I can be in my interpretation.

If you are uncomfortable providing details, I can absolutely provide you with a reading on the subject as a whole which can still be very useful. Even a focus as broad as "what are the major influences at play in my love life" can yield results that really speak to your situation, and provide helpful and informative insight.

At this point I will let you know when you can expect to receive the results of your reading. In most cases for email readings it is within 7-10 business days, but sometimes there is a bit of a waiting list (should the wait is in excess of 10 business days, you will be informed of such in the initial acknowledgement email. You will be informed of the approximate wait time so you will have a clear picture of when your reading will be returned to you.

I offer many different reading spreads and options than are listed here. For a FULL and CURRENT listing of ALL my available readings, please visit:

Multi Oracle Divination $75
Tarot Reading & Geomantic Chart, with Pendulum

For more complex situations, I've found that using this multi-oracle method and letting each system bring out the particular perspective that is its strong suit, enhances the info given by other oracles. It worked very synergistically, and my clients really appreciated the info and advice provided.
Tarot helps map the mental-emotional-spiritual impacts of a situation, while the geomancy hones in on specific nuts-and-bolts practicalities and mundane details of a query. Together they paint a very detailed picture. The pendulum is used to directly communicate with spirit guides to obtain clarity on any divination results which may be unclear, or to check the accuracy of personal intuitions the diviner may receive during a reading.


Yes/No Simple Tarot Reading $15
3 Card Spread

This reading addresses ONE particular situation for which you would like to seek basic yes/no-type insight. These readings are generally 2-4 paragraphs in length.

I will use a basic 3 card spread, and will provide information about the cards that come up, their position and it's meaning, as well as my personal interpretation of what that could mean for you.


In-Depth Year Ahead Tarot Reading w/ Rootwork Advice$175
22 Card Spread

You will have one card pulled for each month in the forthcoming year, as well as several pairs of cards to examine some of the specific aspects of your life such as creativity/ambition, career/finances, relationships/emotions, and mental states/struggles. Advice on what spiritual remedies you may wish to employ to help encourage or hinder incoming energies will be provided.

There will also be a card pulled to represent energies recurrent from the year past, as well as a card to show new energies manifesting to help you be thoroughly prepared for the coming year.


Multi Oracle Year Ahead Divination $150
22 Card Spread + Geomantic Chart

This is the most thorough, detailed, and exhaustive year ahead reading that I offer. If you are looking for the best...look no further!

This reading utilizes the larger 22-card in-depth Year-Ahead tarot spread. You will have one card pulled for each month in the forthcoming year, as well as several pairs of cards to examine some of the specific aspects of your life such as creativity/ambition, career/finances, relationships/emotions, and mental states/struggles.

There will also be a card pulled to represent energies recurrent from the year past, as well as a card to show new energies manifesting.

A geomantic chart will also be crafted to give insight into what major trends you can expect in many specific areas in the forthcoming year, and predict when one event may have far-reaching effects over several areas of your life.


A Tarot or Oracle Reading with Devi


What you will not get from my tarot readings and divinations is white-washed advice. If I think that you are the cause of your own issues, I will say so. I also will not provide false hopes. If I think something is bad for you, or that something simply does not stand a good chance of working out, I will say so.

I also don't go out of my way to make everyone feel that they are supernaturally special - it's been quite a trend the past while for some types of readers to be telling everyone that they have great spiritual talent, are profoundly psychic, and that they will change the world, have scores of followers, etc. If I happen to see that in a reading, I'll certainly let you know - but everyone that walks through the door is not a great spiritual leader. Period.

I also do not do the kind of reading where I will tell you that you'll meet a blonde man with green eyes, 6'4", wearing a red shirt, at 2pm in May of this coming year. Or that I see a future in the shipping industry, and that you should move to Japan immediately so you can become rich. Not that there isn't a real place for that kind of reading, but that is just not what I do.

What I WILL provide you with is a sound perspective on what energies are most active in your life, and what actions you may need to take, or need to stop taking in order to start shifting things into the direction where you want them to go. It's often hardest to see ourselves and our lives clearly, because we are so enmeshed in our own biases, patterns, habits, drama, etc. I can provide you with a wider picture of your circumstances, and help you identify key areas of your life that you can work on to manifest your goals.

My readings are more about personally empowering you to make real changes in your life by becoming aware of the currents at play within a situation, and most likely to occur if things stay as they are. They may also facilitate you feeling more comfortable with the current state of affairs knowing that a shift is coming soon thanks to your hard efforts, and help you indentify courses of action that are likely to move you towards the future you wish. Things that are sometime much more deeply meaningful than telling you what college the mother of your future children went to, or that you should be on the lookout for a dark man carrying a daisy and walking a schnauzer.

A Note On Health Readings: I get asked very often to provide readings on issues related to health and healing. I am more than happy to provide these, however it must be understood that I cannot give diagnostic or prognostic information, nor can I suggest one treatment over another. It is ILLEGAL for anyone other than a medical doctor to provide such medical advice. I am happy to look into the streams of energy surrounding a person's health and influencing their wellbeing, but I legally cannot comment on the specifics of a medical diagnosis, treatments, or prognosis. I can help one anticipate and navigate certain challenges that the cards suggest are forthcoming, but I cannot provide medical advice of any kind. In some cases, being an holistic energetic healer for over a decade, I can provide reference information regarding complementary treatments, such as energetic or vibrational therapies, which may help and will not contraindicate with any ongoing treatments. Most find these readings very helpful and satisfactory, but I want to make clear what I can and cannot provide when reading on matters of health.


No supernatural claims are made about any of the items or services sold through this site. All products and services are offered as curios only, and are sold for entertainment purposes.


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