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Custom Mojos & Rootwork

"This has to be the best mojo bag, I have bought. There was a lot of thought, effort, work, strong energy, blessings for good things in my life, love and light. I believe this mojo bag will be beneficial. Especially, since blessing with my energy on a Full Moon. I recommend investing in one of these mojos." -Mary

A lovely mojo hand, packaged well and with a wonderful smelling oil. Devi was very consistent in keeping me up to date with my order as well as what to expect from the whole process of working with a root worker. A pleasurable experience all in all." - C.R.

"I cannot express how much I would recommend this [custom bottle spell] to other people. When my bottle arrived today I was overcome with joy. It was crafted to my needs. I was updated with photos and asked questions about my situation. It's a wonderful crafted bottle made with love, concern and power. This bottle is a must have item."

"Devi this oil is absolutely amazing-I love love love love love it. I have him eating right out of my hand. Thanks-I couldn't have done it without you!" -S.G.

Can't seem to find a ready made spell-kit that suits your specific situation?

Tired of all the DIY kits that leave you wondering if you've done the work right?

Want an authentic mojo or other magical item crafted properly by an experienced practitioner just for YOUR needs?

Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop will happily do just that!

Herbs, roots, and curios will be chosen that speak to the individual aspects of your personal case, and that do not rely on pre-made mixes. The items or kits are then ritually prepared and fixed for the client using traditional crafting methods, and shipped to their new owner.

These services may or may not require a full consultation depending on the situation, so please inquire if you are unsure.

Some of the Custom Rootwork crafting that I perform for my clients includes (please click for more details on each, or contact us directly to inquire):

* fixing MOJO BAGS for their specific needs

* preparing a BOTTLE SPELLS for a situational need

* creating custom SPELL KITS for them to employ


* preparing custom beeswax FIXED CANDLES for their individual needs

What Situations I Will & Will Not Consider Crafting For


I will happily consider crafting items that deal with:

* Prosperity and Good Luck
* Road Opening
* Uncrossing (clearing away negative circumstances and cleaning up crossed conditions)
* Protection
* Personal Power
* Success and Mastery
* Breaking Bad Habits
* Sweetening & Favor-Gaining
* Drawing a Suitable Partner
* Blessing
* Healing

For those who may be in need of additional energetic support, I am a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and able to send along distance healings for those cases to further aid the situation.

I will also consider justified cases for:

* Banishing (of negative influences, situations, habits, etc)
* Separation (when one party wishes to leave a long-standing relationship peacefully)
* Reversal


I will not take on Reconciliation work.

I will not craft items that are aggressively coercive, or otherwise involve causing undue negativity or harm coming to anyone or anything.

No crossing or revenge cases are ever considered, and I will not consult on these or craft for them.

I am extremely picky about targeted love and break-up cases in general - I reject many more than I accept. I will not consult on or craft for third-party divorce cases of any nature.


No supernatural claims are made about any of the items or services sold through this site. All products and services are offered as curios only, and are sold for entertainment purposes.


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