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This listing is for a mantra consultation and reading with me via email regarding ONE particular situation that you would like to seek a spiritual remedy for.

Many people have encountered mantras through yoga and meditation practices, and experienced the profound peace that is often felt by chanting them. For thousands of years, practitioners in the East have chanted Sanskrit mantras for a variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects.

Have you ever wondered what traditional Sanskrit mantras may be able to do for you?


The magical power of words & sound is recognized in spiritual traditions the world over, and mantras are among the most famous and ancient magical word formulas. Mantras are a form of magical prayer-chant that originates in the Hindu tradition. They were designed specifically to have dramatic transformative effects on those that recited them. When said aloud, each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet (which the mantras were originally composed in) creates energetic vibrations that, when combined into spiritually potent phrases which are believed to help the chanter attain their goals and desires - or even bring them into contact with the gods!


The consultation allow you to describe in your own words the situation that you are currently facing, for which you would like a mantra to chant and meditate with, that is traditionally used to remedy similar situations.

I may ask some questions to make sure I fully understand your situation, and also get a feel for your previous experience with mantras, if any (previous experience is NOT necessary to meditate successfully with Sanskrit mantras).

Once I have a full understanding, I will let you know when to expect your results. I will then perform a tarot reading to get spiritual insight into your situation and needs. I will then pull from my nearly 2 decades of formal and practical experience working with Sanskrit mantras, and determine which practice is best suited to you.

You will then receive a detailed communication emailed to you, over-viewing the results of the reading, and providing advice on what mantras would traditionally be chanted in your circumstances, regarding the situation you discussed with me. It will also outline a basic daily practice using that mantra, which will help focus your mantra meditation sessions.

Along with the recommended traditional mantra, the results may describe certain oils, incenses, herbs, candles, washes, baths, rituals, etc from the Eastern folk traditions that you may wish to employ. It does NOT include any of these items, but will suggest a source where you may obtain them that is reputable and reasonably priced. It is ultimately up to you to follow-through on the advice provided to create the desired changes in your life.

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