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Spiritual Space Clearing & House Blessing


Create a peaceful and harmonious vibration throughout your home or business with our Spiritual House Clearing & Blessing services.

Your home is the centerpiece of your spiritual and domestic life, and should be a refuge from the stresses and noise from the outside world. Make sure it can support you and your family spiritually and energetically.

Queen of Pentacles' proprietress, Devi Spring, is happy to travel to Toronto area (Ontario, Canada) homes in order to perform these Clearing & Blessing services for you.

Contact us directly to discuss booking a Clearing & Blessing for your space.

Any space can be cleared and blessed, so businesses are welcome to utilize this service as well! An office or storefront that feels light and clear will attract more clients and encourage repeat business. It will also help keep employee stress to a minimum, and increase your customer's shopping enjoyment and overall impression of your establishment.

When should you Spiritually Clear & Bless your space?

* When you first move into a new home
* When opening a new place of business
* Before moving out of a home to help ease your transition
* After a long illness, or periodically during a chronic one
* If you are just not feeling "settled" or "comfortable" in the space
* If you've been having a lot of hard luck
* During transitional periods in your life
* After a death, or after a divorce
* To help sell or rent real estate
* When you wish to open the door to new opportunities

Spiritual Energetic House Blessing and Clearing can absolutely wipe the slate clean and establish an environment that encourages calm, joy, and comfort.

We'll bring all the supplies needed - all you need to do is open the door for us. You are welcome to be as hands-on or hands-off as you choose to be in the whole process.

We respect all spiritual and religious paths, and are happy to work with you to create an effective Clearing & Blessing that you will feel comfortable and satisfied with. Let Devi aid you in co-creating a comforting and spiritually-engaging household or workplace for you!

Spiritually Clearing a Home


To clear the spiritual atmosphere within a home or building, it's always best to start with a physical clean-up. Tidying up clutter, and giving the place a good dusting and mopping will go a long way to priming a residence for a Spiritual Blessing & Clearing.

Next the energy of the place itself is adjusted, first through the burning of traditional herbs and resins that are known for eliminating lower vibrations, and providing a protective boundary. White sage and camphor resin are just two of the substances that may be burned throughout the building. Sound, such as bells or rattles, can be utilized to help break up stubborn areas. Chants, affirmations, or prayers may be said to facilitate the clearing.

Blessing a Space


After the home has been cleared of all lingering energy, a blessing is performed in order to draw in large amounts of positive Light, charging the space with peace and harmony. Traditional herbs and resins, such as frankincense and sandalwood are burned to help increase the vibrational rate of the space

White candles that have been anointed with blessing oils are lit in each room of the house, while affirmations or prayers are said by all present to help invoke the Light. A central Blessing prayer altar will also be established where peaceful Divine energies will continually dwell within the light of a long-burning blessed candle.

Divination for Best Results


In any case where spirit involvement is suspected, or where deeper clearing may be necessary due to difficult or long-standing circumstances divinations will be performed prior to Devi arriving onsite.

These divinations help determine the nature of the issue, and aids in formulating the most effective herbs, resins, oils, and other spiritual tools for the specific case. In the majority of cases custom incense &/or oil blends are handcrafted for each unique case.

There is no one-size-fits-all ceremony performed with Queen of Pentacles' house clearings and blessings. Each case is given individualized attention and customized service!

Contact us directly to discuss booking a Clearing & Blessing for your space.


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