Magical Herb Blends

Magic and conjure uses the inherent spiritual energies of herbs, flowers, and roots to help bring about desired manifestations. Herb-lore varies from culture to culture, due to the differences in local flora, but using the magic of plants is universal.

Using the knowledge gained through years of study and practice, we have crafted several Magical Herb Blends for some of the most common magical uses. Using authentic herbs from the hoodoo tradition, these blends are dressed with at least 3 different condition oils appropriate to their usage, and fervently prayed over during favorable planetary timing to empower them.

These blends are extremely practical and versitile, and can be used in many different magical operations:

* Burn on charcoal as incense to charge atmosphere with goal appropriate energies

* Pulverize into a fine grain, mix with a powder base, and deploy as a magical sachet powder

* Sprinkle on candles as a dressing, or melt directly into wax to load a magical candle

* Add to a bottle spell, or honey jar to increase the overall potency

* Use in a mojo bag to carry the magical energy on your person at all times

* Stuff a poppet with them to intensify the desired sympathetic magical effect

* Add to a magical bath to immerse yourself in their energies, and increase your personal power

* Sew into a small sachet to keep under one's pillow, or give as a magical gift

We offer several different potent herb blends for your magical convenience:

To read more details about and to purchase our herb blends, please visit
Queen of Pentacles Conjure & Witchery Shop on Etsy

Personalized Magical Herb Blends
  I am happy to make up personalized spell kits, bottle spells, magical herb and mineral baths, magical herb mixture for use spellwork, and fixed candles that you may burn at home.

These services will require a full consultation to best determine your needs. Prices will vary depending on the curios and other herbal items in the kit, and reflect kit complexity.

No supernatural claims are made about any of the items or services sold through this site. All products and services are offered as curios only, and are sold for entertainment purposes.

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