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Distance Energy Healing


Here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop we are lucky enough to be able to offer an additional form of healing support to those who may be in need of such.

Devi Spring is a Canadian Reiki Association-registered Usui Reiki Master, with 17 years experience practicing professionally. Her training and experience make her uniquely qualified to provide distance energy healing sessions for people who desire that they be sent to themselves or a loved one.

Reiki is an Eastern form of healing that works by bringing large amounts of life-energy, called chi, ki, prana, ruach, tao, and holy spirit by various cultures, into the physical and energy bodies of the recipient. This rejuvenating force flows through the meridians and chakras, which is akin to the circulatory and respiratory systems - but working on a energetic level rather than purely physical - helping to establish a new healthy pattern of energy, while providing extra stores of fresh energy to aid the body in rebuilding itself.

Reiki works on the same principals as other forms of Eastern healing, such as acupuncture, acupressure, Shiatsu, and reflexology; but rather than stimulating the energy through needles or directly applied pressure, Reiki works by gently directing fresh energies to enter the meridians and chakra through the trained hands of the Reiki practitioner. This influx of new energy helps to break down any blockages or areas of stagnation, and helps to re-establish healthy and holistic patterns of being. The Reiki energy facilitates the bodies own miraculous ability to heal itself, by relieving stress, re-balancing imbalanced body systems, and providing additional energy from which the body can draw to heal itself without draining its already compromised system.

Reiki is able to heal on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It has been well documented for it's remarkable effectiveness in chronic pain relief, and as a stress management technique. Those receiving regular Reiki treatments recover faster from surgery, illness, and injury of all kinds, and require less medication during the recovery period. It also helps bring awareness to emotional issues that may be underlying an illness or disease, and supports the recipient through the process of acknowledging, and ultimately integrating that experience, allowing them to heal at a very deep level. Because it is such an effective emotional support, those who are going through traumatic life events - such as a divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, healing from a violent attack, preparing to cross over, etc - are greatly served by receiving the gentle and comforting energies of Reiki.

Reiki is non-sectarian and can be used by anyone, and for anyone. It also does not have any contraindications, and so can be used in any situation regardless of what medications or medical treatments a person may be undergoing. Reiki is safe, gentle, and effective - and due to the nature of the healing methods used, it can be provided remotely and does not require close-contact with the recipient for it to be utilized.

We here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop are happy to provide distance healing services to those who wish to augment their transformation and healing using this modality.

Please contact Devi directly to inquire about arranging for distance healing services.



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