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Magical Consultations


Thank you so much for this in depth and insightful consultation during this difficult time. You speak so clearly and I understand everything you said.
Thank you so much for your caring guidance. I would recommend this to anyone needing some answers to difficult circumstances.
- J.L.

Very indepth and personal reading completed with a timely manner! Very compassionate reader, gives WONDERFUL advice.
Devi really knows her stuff. I was blown away by the reading she gave me. I will definitely go to her again!
- S.C.

Thank you for the consultation! It is a relief actually, I have proven to myself that I can make great money so I have consciously divorced my mind of the wish for my trust funds...
Turns out I am capable on my own in my job. Thank you for your reading Devi, all the words rang true even though it had to be tough love, glad I found you.
- C.V.

Thank you Devi! I'm very happy with your reading. I feel more secure to go ahead with [pursuing] my love! THANK YOU! - B.

Thanks to your advice Devi, my current boss and her lady friend adore me now! They are still close, but the supervisor sees other people and their good work now too.
We are having some restructuring on our floor so there may be some changes coming my way in terms of promotion too!

A magical consultation and reading with me provides you with the opportunity to gain insight and information on magical actions that you can take to gain a desired resoluation to ONE particular situation that you are concerned with.

When performing your consultation, I will do a series of tarot readings, geomantic charts, as well as pendulum divinations or consultation of other oracles if necessary, and also receive intuitive guidance from my angels and spirit helpers regarding the nature of the situation, and the best ways to cause the desired changes or results to manifest. All of the information from the readings, and ouline of the suggested remedial actions will be relayed to you through your chosen communication method in detail in the response.

What you will receive from the magical consultation service is a very detailed overview of the results of the readings, and you will be provided with advice on what magical actions you may wish to take, or have taken on your behalf, regarding the situation you discussed with me. The consultation will describe certain oils, incenses, herbs, candles, washes, baths, prayers, rituals, etc from the hoodoo tradition that you will want to employ. It does NOT include any of these items, but will suggest a source where you may obtain them that is reputable and reasonably priced if I cannot provide them myself. It is ultimately up to you to follow-through on the advice provided to create the desired changes in your life.

I will not consult on crossing, break-up, revenge, or other such work. I also limit the types of love cases that I consult on to non-coercive, non-binding work.
Justified reversal, banishing, and hot foot-type work is acceptable.
If you are unsure if your situation is one that I will read on, then please email me before purchasing.

With the internet bringing in clients from all over the world, I do my magical consultations through email to avoid the hassle of trying to plan appointments around global time zones.

Magical Consultation $65
Discussion of 1 particular situation, contextual tarot &/or geomantic readings, and advice of work to be undertaken either by the client (&/or on your behalf, if applicable).
Includes 1 follow-up email.


Upon sending your payment, you will receive an email within 3 business days acknowledging your payment, informing you of approximately when your consultation will take place, and asking for background info on your case. You will be asked to provide me with a detailed background on your situation as well as provide full names and pictures of the involved parties. I do my best to perform consultations within 10 business days of receiving payment - should the wait be longer, you will be informed in the acknowledgement email.

Magical Coaching


Magical Coaching Services - $75/hour
Ongoing support for those working on their own, using advice given during a consultation. Get step-by-step coaching on any aspect of the work you may wish additional guidance on.
Applies only to the same issue addressed in an initial consultation. Must be arranged via email.

Progress Report Reading


Progress Report Check Readings $30
A reading provided during an ongoing work that has previously been discussed during a full consultation to determine progress made and when to take further action.

May be arranged directly via email.


No supernatural claims are made about any of the items or services sold through this site. All products and services are offered as curios only, and are sold for entertainment purposes.


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